NTUI Working With Taxpayers to Defeat Four Home Rule Referenda

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    Home Rule referenda were defeated February 2nd in Hometown, Ina and Sammons Point, while residents of Midlothian voted to approve Home Rule.

    According to the Southtown Star on Februrary 4th, Midlothian officials are already considering a gas tax and discussing a village sales tax. No surprise.

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    With regard to this news release, an NTUI member recently asked, “Am I understanding this correctly that the Illinois Constitution requires a vote before raising taxes but, if a township or taxing body gets home rule approved, then they can do whatever they want?”

    President Jim Tobin responded:

    You are correct.

    A non-home rule municipality or county can raise property taxes without referendum up to state imposed limits. A local property tax increase referendum is required to exceed the limits. I believe they still cannot impose any other local taxes without a local tax increase referendum.

    Home rule municipalities or counties can tax anything without a tax increase referendum.

    Municipalities with a population of 25,000 and counties with a population of 1,000,000 get unlimited home rule taxing powers without a local tax increase referendum. Smaller municipalities and counties must go to referendum to obtain home rule. All county referendums for home rule have been defeated, leaving Crook County as the only county with unlimited home rule taxing powers.

    Fortunately, government schools cannot get home rule.

    Home rule is home ruin.

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