Gov. Kasich and OH General Assembly: Release Ohio’s Government Pension Numbers!

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  1. Reynaldo says:

    NO COMMENTS?!?!?!?YOU DAMN LIBERALS!ALL you do is cry cry cry about wanting pisitoon papers every issue from every candidate . . . and when one candidate makes a BOLD step to release one, you have NO COMMENTS?!?!I am insulted.Thor, good pisitoon paper. It’s well written, and highlights the points I think we all believe. Thanks for caring about education, I know you have a personal commitment to it, and I know how much you value your education and the dedication your father had to education in this city of Cinci. . .. . . but guess what Thor. . . your pisitoon paper was a complete waste of your time. These Latte Liberals don’t vote for that, they may say the do, but they don’t know what they want.I’ll tell you what the REALLY WANT: they want to vote for the best damn campaign for HS Prom King they’ve ever seen! Get that stump speech polished President Santos and raise some more money for mail. Then after you win the Primary by 64.3% you can re-tool for the General and beat the tar out of Mean Jean and her twin sister.

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