Christina Tobin Testifies Against Proposed Chicago Speed-Trap Cameras, Receives News Coverage

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  1. Atsuko says:

    Dear Women: I am honestly suggrtling with this.The Cut off date is Oct 1954, I was born November 1954. For the sake of 4 weeks I will lose almost 5yrs Pension money. I started work at 15yrs of age and have contributed all of my life to my Pension. When I was 15yrs old I was TOLD by the Govt that I HAD to contribute to my Pension, THERE WAS NO CHOICE it was taken from me automatically. I was TOLD I will receive it when I’m 60. I’m nearly 60 and I want my money. Why should I wait until I’m 64yrs 7months 7 days before I can have my money back. I’ve kept my side of the agreement but the Govt has broken their agreement with me. I’m so angry when money is being frittered away by Bankers, fraudsters and the likes to fund lavish lifestyles, giving my money to people who don’t deserve it when I NEED it. Why am I being penalised–do I have any voice or Human Rights? I have no provision for the money I will lose, it is the Govt who mis-managed my money not me, they are discriminating against me. I want my money because it’s MINE not theirs. Please help me as I have emailed so many people, my own MP (Cons) is still blaming the previous Govt he’s a wet lettuce.Thank you for reading my email, please reply I dont know what else I can do.Yours sincerely Carolyn.

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