ITEF Comment Vol. XIII Issue 5

No “Revenue Crisis” As Total State Revenue Climbs $2.8 Billion In FY 2007

For the fifth year in a row, since ITEF began tracking state revenue, total Illinois state revenue is up from the previous year, according to data from the Illinois Comptroller’s website. In the past year-Fiscal Year 2007 starting July 1, 2006, and ending June 30, 2007—total tax revenue has increased $2.8 billion or 4.8% over FY2006. This is more than 2½ times the regional inflation rate of 1.8% for the same time period. Over the past five years-between FY2002 and FY2007-total revenue climbed $14 billion or 29.1%, nearly 2½ times the 12% regional inflation rate for the same time period.

Also, for the fifth year in a row, the politicians in Springfield are complaining about a phony tax revenue “crisis”. This past weekend, weeks after the usual state budget deadline, the state Senate Democrats were demanding a 67% raise in the state personal income tax. It should be noted that personal income tax revenue alone for FY2007 was $860 million or 9% higher than in FY2006-all without a rate increase. All state income taxes together sucked $1.4 billion more from taxpayers’ wallets into state revenue than they did in FY2006. FY2007 saw further increases in state sales tax revenue (up $314 million or 2.9%), state public utility tax revenue (up $56.9 million or 3.1%), and state cigarette tax revenue (up $13.6 million or 2.2%). Tax revenue funneled to the State of Illinois through the Federal Government also increased a hefty $773 million or 6.2% over FY2006 funds.

An independent study by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation proves that Illinois is a high-tax state. We actually have the fourteenth highest total tax burden (federal, state, and local) in the entire nation. Just under one third – 33.2% – of the average Illinoisan’s income is consumed by taxes.

For at least the fifth year in a row, Springfield’s spending spree continued in FY2007. The State payroll is up around $2.4 billion or 7.7%. Other beneficiaries of the pols’ overspending are the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (up $346 million or 32.4% from FY2006), the Teachers’ Retirement System (up $435 million or 12.2%), the State Board of Education (up $408 million or 5.4%), and the State Police (up $17 million or 5.4%). Pork barrel spending is up: Illinois spent about $23,000 more of taxpayers’ money on salmon preservation in FY2007 (up 10.9% from FY2006) and another $23,000 more on snowmobile trails (up 29.4%). Last but not least, Illinois politicians bought more statues, patronage jobs, and votes with an extra $4 million (up 23.1%) from their favorite pork barrel fund-the so-called “Fund for Illinois’ Future.”

To review: in FY2007, total state revenue jumped $2.8 billion, faster than the inflation rate. Nearly all of the major state tax revenue categories were up significantly. Illinois does not have a “revenue crisis” when total state revenue increased more than twice the rate of inflation over the past five years.

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