ITEF Comment Vol. XIV Issue 3

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  1. Sergei Kochkin says:

    Dear Mr. Tobin,

    Just got my property tax bill for $14,400 and want to start a property tax reform website in Illinois, perhaps like a proposition 13 type initiative in California. Previously my letter on this issue which was published in the Herald in the suburbs. I will send it to you if you like.

    I just completed my first lobbying website and we are doing very well. It permits people to enter their name, address and zipcode and sends a letter direct to their respective Senators and Representative with option for customization. Please view my lobbying website at

    The cost is $12,500 for the website, but may be slightly less since it would be confined to Illinois Congressmen. I am willing to put up the first money. Maybe we can get 100 people to each put up $125 or 50 people at $250 each.

    Let me know what you think. Also I think it would be a great help if you had a form letter or direct email function to Springfield on your site. You can add this feature by contacting Mark at

    Also I am involved with the CAP group in Grey’s Lake responsible for getting the property tax transparency act to the Senate floor.


    Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D.
    989 Saunders Road
    Riverwoods IL 60015
    847-3743540 (home)
    847-4414385 (work)

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