Striking District 158 Teachers Are Already Overpaid

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  1. Joe Long says:

    Private schools have better results because they work mostly with the best and brightest, are not required to accept all students or meet all State mandates, and unlike public schools have the freedom to quickly dispose of problem students.

    I am all for vouchers if all schools (Parochial and Private included)are required to accept any and all students who apply, provide all mandated programs , and meet all State mandates. Level the playing field and see how “Private” schools do. Private schools hae no Special Ed., no BD programs , do not retain students with drug problems or those who engage in criminal behavior. How many non-English speaking illegals are found in Parochial schools? How many low income attend Parochial schools—damn few! I am the product of 12 years of Parochial schools and I know they don’t play by the same rules.

    So when you say Private Schools are much more successful than public schools you simply display how much of a clueless idiot you are!

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