Eighth Annual "Top 100 Illinois Government Pensions" Published – Expert Calls Illinois Pension Systems "Unsustainable"

4 Responses

  1. Jonas Jantzen says:

    Time to change the constitution. If we don’t, these government retiree slugs are going to bleed us to death.

  2. The entire Illinois state government needs an overhaul.

  3. Arthur C. Nicholas says:

    Why not cap ALL Government pension pay at $65K?

  4. gary kolbe says:

    They all scream they paid in and they are entitled. So, convert their paid in money to a 401K type plan, with some guaranteed increase like midway between safe return levels and stock market returns & let them manage it. They would quickly understand what they paid in and what is there. This would not be so far different from what SS pays out (better however).

    Even factor in something like a 4-6% state match and I think the taxpayer would be happy with that. But this 75% of final earnings like teachers, firemen & police get is crazy. It is more that 100% higher than they would have earned if their 9% plus, an additional 6% were put into a 401k type fund with withdrawal rate of 4%..

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