Tax Accountability Broadcasts Endorsement of Randy Hultgren for the 14th Congressional District

Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), has endorsed Winfield businessman and state senator Randy Hultgren for the 14th Congressional District in the February 2nd primary election.

Listen to the radio commercial endorsement of Randy Hultgren

In response to an unfounded attack by his opponent, the President of Tax Accountability, Jim Tobin, is broadcasting the endorsement in a radio commercial. The commercial is being aired on Chicago radio stations WBBM-AM (CBS) and WLS-AM (ABC) and can also be heard on the NTUI website, The text of the commercial follows.

V/O: Facts are stubborn things and the fact is Ethan Hastert is lying about Randy Hultgren’s record.

JT: I’m Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois and its political action arm, Tax Accountability.

Randy Hultgren has signed our Illinois Taxpayer Protection Pledge, committing himself as your Congressman to oppose any and all tax increases.

V/O: With no endorsements, Ethan Hastert must really be desperate.

JT: Contrary to his opponent’s claims, Randy Hultgren has a proven record of voting for lower taxes, smaller government, and greater accountability in Springfield, which has earned him our “Taxpayers Friend” award 6 years in a row.

V/O: Don’t be fooled by the false claims of a candidate with no experience or public record.

JT: Randy Hultgren is a champion of the taxpayer. That’s why he is the endorsed candidate of National Taxpayers United of Illinois – Tax Accountability for the 14th Congressional District.

RH: I am Randy Hultgren, candidate for Congress, and I approved this message.

V/O: Paid for by Randy Hultgren for Congress Committee.

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