TUA Press Conference at State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin

Taxpayers United of America (TUA) will be holding a press conference in Madison, WI this Monday, February 28, 2011, at 11am. The press conference will be held at The Capitol at 2 E Main Street, Madison, WI, 400 SE (4th floor SE).

Jim Tobin, President of TUA, will discuss why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recent push to reduce some collective bargaining privileges currently exercised by public employee unions is a bold move in the right direction.

Tobin will also discuss the recent announcement of Wisconsin as the state with the fourth highest state and local tax burden in the country with 11% taken out of Wisconsin residents’ personal income.

Christina Tobin, President of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation and Vice President of TUA, will discuss election reform as the first step to help resolve these problems. “Unions and Corporations bought their way into this situation, and now the people are expected to dig them out.”

The press conference will be streamed live online, at www.taxpayersunitedofamerica.org.

Click here to view this Press Release in a PDF.

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