Growing success of "Atlas Shrugged" featured on page one of Chicago Sun-Times

The unexpected success of the recent film adaptation of ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ Ayn Rand’s classic novel, is embarrassing naysayers. The Chicago Sun-Times featured the film’s growing popularity on page one of today’s paper.

One person who watched the movie was W.C. Augustine, who coincidentally is the author of a book called “Atlas Rising” and who counts Ayn Rand among his inspirations. With regard to the movie, he said:

‘Honestly I expected to be disappointed as “no way” could it live up to the book and my expectations. However, it was great; it got the message across cleanly and effectively. Let the reviewers bad mouth it; their rabid raves will only stir people’s curiosity to see what stirs them so much.’

Click here to view the Sun-Times article.

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