Columbus Ohio: Top Secret Government Pensions Revealed

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  1. Tough Love says:

    Even if the pensions were hard frozen (i.e., ZERO future growth), that would do nothing with respect to the enormous unfunded liability Taxpayers are told they must pay for.

    Well I don’t think so. We need are RESET … a reduction in the ALREADY ACCRUED pensions to the level that WOULD HAVE BEEN GRANTED in the absence of the collusion between the Public Sector Unions and our elected representatives ……. you know, the trade of campaign contributions and election support in exchange for favorable votes on pay, pensions, and benefits.

    We need immediate pension reductions of 50% (and we’ll see if that’s sufficient).

    Taxpayers …. if they won’t go along … renege on all pension promises by ZERO further funding. Let the Plans buy pension annuities that CURRENT assets can support … and no more !

  1. February 7, 2012

    […] of Taxpayers United of America began a tour of Ohio on Monday. A new report points to pensions that give a Columbus police deputy $213,000 in annual payouts, $215,000 a year […]

  2. February 7, 2012

    […] February 7, 2012Posted in: Ohio There is a desperate need for public employee pension reforms, and recent data from Taxpayers United of America provide a solid case study in Central Ohio. I was a Columbus […]

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