Wausau Hides Government Pension Payments

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  1. E. M. Thatcher says:

    I find the article on teacher pensions more than little misleading. For as long as I can remember teachers were regarded as full time employees for tax and employment purposes despite the fact many are unemployed by any other measure during the summer and up to three months. A construction or other seasonal worker would be eligible for unemployment compensation during this period but not educators. The sad fact of the matter is that those among you who complain about educator pay and compensation don’t value education and tremendouse amount of work and commitment it takes to be a successful teacher. One of the problems in attracting truely gifted people to enter the profession in sufficient number lies with pay compared to other professions. Books and consumable supplies that should be provided by school districts are routinely paid for by the classroom teacher out of their own pocket in far too many places in the U.S.

    I looked at the list of the Illinois retirees with the highest pensions and noted among the top ten was former Illinois State Superintendent, Max McGee. No doubt most, if not all in this list were were top paid school officials for a substantial portion of their careers. I don’t see you complaining about multimillion dollar packages for top corporate executives while their employees get peanuts or are in the midst of layoffs! With average teacher retirement compensation in the low to mid 40’s there have to be a lot of in dividuals recieving considerably less. You also don’t mention the fact that TRS retirees didn’t pay into Social Security during their working life unless they had other jobs at some time. Many receive little or now Social Security upon retirment.

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