Union Leader | State's 'stunning pensions' called lavish by taxpayer group

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  1. factchecker says:

    If nh employees were underpaid, would the TU advocate increased salaries, of course not so I smell an agenda rather than a fair and balanced debate.

    • admin says:

      If government employees were underpaid and government spending of taxpayers were responsible, TUA and all taxpayer advocacy groups would cease to exist! Our agenda is to fight for responsible spending of taxpayers’ money and lowest possible taxation at every level of government.

  2. factchecker says:

    On the other hand, unions do the same agenda, a bit for instance they called out the manhattan institute and did state it was $19k for pensions but that included part time employees, so its a state issue, in NY they have generous pensions though only the first $18k is inflation protected ,at least partially, so you ask around about people going into government, and then ask well if everyone goes in then there would be no money to pay them, yes salaries
    and pensions of public employees should be released, so we can really learn, who is underpaid and overpaid and what pensions are, unless there is an agenda to be hidden, there was a lawsuit in NY about this.

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