9,900 Illinois Government Pensioners With Annual Pension Over $100k

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    Why don’t you talk about the charter school CEO that earns $6,000,000 a year. That is taxpayer dollars that could be used for the children. Oh, that is a good business model: “Find that big chunk of money and let ALEC write the laws to make it legal.” We won’t discuss that.

    • oldchicago says:

      Is the really THE Carl LaFong? Anyway Carl it’s really very simple. Like many others have done over the years, our family left illinois just recently because of the taxes. We took our adult children (professionals all) with us. We moved to a low-tax state (Texas) where we pay no income tax, our property taxes are half what they were in illinois and our house has about 8 times the acreage and half the property taxes of our place in Libertyville. Its great for our kids also because there are many more jobs being created in Texas. The weather here is better too. It’s pretty obvious that most, possibly all, of the illinois state and local muni and school employees with these excessive pensions will not receive anything close to their projected payouts. Because illinois will run out of taxpayers in a few years. If local and state govs raise taxes further the out-migration will only increase. The PRIVATE charter schools you reference will either offer an improved product or they will die-off naturally. Illinois taxpayers are already very familiar with the grossly substandard product produced in the unionized public school system. The battle is over, the hugely over-fed dinosaur of government is dead. The only thing left for illinois is the whimpering of the fat unions as their pensions are cut and or terminated. The state and local bond-holders, on the other hand will do quite well. Why? Because there’s only one thing politicians of both parties like more than getting re-elected and that is access to the bond market to borrow money to spend on their respective voters. In the end the remaining citizens of illinois will have a state that looks a lot like Michigan. A few industries, largely located around large muni population centers and mostly impoverished cities with destitute inner cores. The rest of the state will be largely agrarian big and bigger corporate farms. There will be little to no upward financial mobility for the remaining residents. Children with talent – and any ambition – will leave for states with better opportunities.

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