Obama Worst Choice For Beleaguered Taxpayers

CHICAGO—Sen. Barack Obama’s voting record, while a State Senator in the Illinois General Assembly, shows that he would be the worst possible choice for already-overtaxed U.S. taxpayers, according to Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI).

“Barack Obama’s voting record in the Illinois State Senate, before he became U.S. Senator from Illinois, dramatically proves that his political orientation is out of the political mainstream,” said Tobin. “Obama almost never met a tax increase he didn’t like.”

“NTUI, Illinois’s largest taxpayer organization, has been tracking all tax and spending votes in the Illinois General Assembly since 1983. Obama’s voting record is very revealing. Saying he is no friend of taxpayers is the understatement of the year.” Tax Surveys can be viewed at www.ntui.org.

“In the 90th Illinois General Assembly (1997-1998), Obama (D-13, Chicago) achieved a dismal score of 34%, meaning that he voted for tax or spending increases 66% of the time-tax increases that were and still are a burden to all taxpayers, and especially to hard working families.”

“But Obama was just warming up. In the 91st Illinois General Assembly (1998-1999), Obama achieved an incredible score of 0%. He voted against taxpayers 100% of the time. This was the session that considered the notorious “Build Illinois” pork barrel spending bills, which included three bills that cumulatively increased Illinois taxes by $16 billion. That’s billion, with a ‘B.’ The spending, which would be paid for over 25 years, included $4 billion in interest payments going into the pockets of bond-issuing Chicago banks like Northern Trust Bank, and well-connected law firms like Chapman & Cutler, which provided legal opinions for nearly 55% of the bonds issued in Illinois.”

“Then Governor and convicted felon, George Ryan (R), boasted to the Daily Herald editorial board: ‘This is pork for these guys if it gets done…they’d love to go back and…be there to cut the ribbon.’ Two thirds of the Build Illinois funds were earmarked for pork barrel projects in Chicago even though less than a quarter of the state’s population live in Chicago.”

“Now Obama was hitting his stride. His score in the 92nd Illinois General Assembly (2001-2002) was 10%. He voted against taxpayers on 90% of the tax and spending bills, and voted ‘Present’ on two, not raising cigarette taxes or tax increase on Illinois gaming (casinos).”

“Obama’s score in the 93rd Illinois General Assembly (2004-2004) also was dismal, 25%. Despite his national political ambitions, he couldn’t help himself and still voted against taxpayers 75% of the time.”

“Obama is dangerous because he is a true tax and spend ideologue,” said Tobin. “As President, he would be an economic disaster for U.S. taxpayers.”

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The 91st and 92nd Tax Surveys are available in printed form. Call Jim Tobin at (312) 427-5128 for details.

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