St. Sen. Meeks' Urged To Rescind His "Skip School And Hop Bus" Proposal

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  1. Mr. Tobin:

    Can I ask you a question?
    Does your group ever attempt to talk to Senator Meeks and those who think like him about the fundamental concept of a “city” and why they have received a charter in the first place?

    From my research and from my review of the present -when an unincorporated area within a state grows to the point at which it believes that it has the proper mix of human resources, commercial resources, natural resources and sufficient leadership – it petitions the state for a CHARTER to become an “independent city”.

    How then is it that a massive city like Chicago which has shown that it cannot pay its own bills for the basic services and thus goes to the state to seek funding is allowed to proceed in this manner without being challenged?

    Currently the state pays 44% of the school tab and yet they are said to be committing a “civil rights violation” for not paying more – in the eyes of some people? They can’t be serious. Obviously they are simply doing “what works every time”.

    The officials in the city need to be forced to recognize that the key purpose of a city is to leverage the synergies that it has as such a corporate entity and at least be able to pay its own bills for basic services.

    When a normal corporation reaches such a state of receivership they get “dis-incorporated” and go out of business.

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