Illinois Taxpayers….Meet Your Enemies!

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  1. Cindy Scott says:

    I get so sick and tired of Chicago politicians and corporations controlling and abusing our entire state of Illinois and the peoples money. I say make Chicago a separate state and they can watch the rats flee the sinking ship because no one will be able to afford to live and work there. Did they ever make our governor pay for his plane fare to Springfield?
    I also get so fed up with state politicians asking for money for schools. The allotted tax funds rarely if at all actually helps the students and the schools rather the students keep losing important classes and extracurricular activities because they don’t have the money!! Where in the heck does it all go besides Chicago school employees and the unions?!
    We own our business and my husband, sole employee, works a five day week to just pay federal and state taxes for one month. Our state unemployment tax use to be less than $100 a year now it is in the hundreds.
    I have lived in Illinois almost 57 years and it is one of if not the most corrupt states in the nation. Look at how many governors or ex governors, state officials have been in conflict with the law. Who runs this state? The people or the mobsters?

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