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  1. James Merola says:

    Your article attacks all teachers in the state of Illinois. The vast majority of teachers don’t come anywhere near those pensions you have listed. Most teachers work in elementary schools where salaries are much lower and thus so are their pensions. Many do not have more than a Bachelor’s Degree because of the demands that teaching at this lower level exacts upon them. They find themselves exhausted at the end of the day and without the time or funds to persue an advanced degree. It is not unusual for these dedicated people to retire on less than $30,000 a year after 34 or more years of teaching. If you want to attack the elite, go ahead, but please don’t include all of us in the trenches.

  2. John Duffy says:

    All you are doing is causing MOB mentality,I am a retired state employee with 25 years of service inside the corrections dept and have NEVER heard of anyone getting the kind of retirement that you mentioned in your radio ad I make $21,800.00 a year Quit trying to enrage the public with your lies.

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