Quinn Creates Smokescreen To Hide Real Reason For State Income Tax Hike

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  1. T.Holzman says:

    Time to institute a state employee excess pension tax. This tax should be set to phase in for state employees receiving pension benefits over a certain level. It should apply to ALL current state employees receiving pensions as well as all future employees.

  2. mike Daniels says:

    Sir in many ways I do agree with you in as far as the high / excessive pension plans. But hear is my story. My wife has worked for
    DuPage county for 30 years paying into the IMRF which the state has continued not to contribute to for many years. She bairley makes $50,000 a year has gone several years without a raise, and with the cost of insurance going up she now makes less this year than she did last year. PlEASE EXPLAIN THAT IN YOUR ARTICLES. When she dose finaly get to retire she will only get the max of +/-75%. Which is nothing, So please in your articles do not generalise all goverment employees. Because that is just wrong and spreading misinformation that all goverment employees get these large retirement packages and great health plans we were paying over $500.00 a month which is no great deal but we needed a health plan for our children. So please explain to me the great gifts the state and other govermental bodies are giving out because I have yet to see them in my pocket.

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