Jim Tobin to Speak at Elgin Meeting

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  1. bjc3418 says:

    Mr Tobin,

    As a police officer with the City of Chicago for over 11yrs I do not agree with your comments that you made with Mike Flannery on CBS (channel 2) a few days ago. Before you spout your beliefs out of your fat mouth, maybe you should wear the uniform for a day. You have no idea the risks we take in just making a simple traffic stop. Not only have you offended active members of our great department, but those who have reitred as well as those who have given their lives to protect the citizens of this great city! I watched my father sacrafice his family life to put some of the worst criminals into jail for little or no respect. I will always respect the officers who put on the uniform unknowing of what may happen each and every night! How about picking on the army of the mayor??!! A foreman of a garbage truck has a higher base salary than either a police officer, firefighter or paramedic!

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