Racist Gov. Quinn and Corrupt Daniel Hynes using vicious anti-petition maneuvers

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  1. Damiel says:

    So Quinn and Hynes identical efforts at political cockblocking are called into question- but Quinn is a racist?
    Slander at it’s finest.

    IF Dock’s signatures were valid, why then were so many of them removed?

  2. admin says:

    Quinn’s patronage drones knocked the only African-American candidate, Dock Walls, off the Gubernatorial ballot—not Hynes.

    Quinn has not confirmed to appear at the Gubernatorial debate at the University of Chicago at 7:00PM this Wednesday, January 27.

    Maybe that is because Quinn knows Dock Walls will be at the debate. Is Quinn afraid to face the man he ruthlessly knocked off the ballot in public? Might be a bad photo-op for him.

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