Tax Accountability Endorses Adam Andrzejewski for Governor

CHICAGO–Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois, has endorsed Hinsdale businessman Adam Andrzejewski for Governor in the February 2, 2010, Republican gubernatorial primary.

At a press conference today, Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, noted that Adam Andrzejewski signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, in which he pledged to “oppose any and all efforts to increase state or local taxes.”

“I call three of Adam’s opponents in the primary the ‘Triple-Barrel-Threat of Tax Raisers.’ They are former DuPage County prosecutor Jim Ryan, State Senator and ‘Taxpayer Enemy’ Kirk Dillard, and former Republican Party bureaucrat Andy McKenna. If any of these three is elected Governor, he will raise the state income tax at least 50 percent, just as present Democratic Governor Patrick Quinn wants to do.“

“Ryan, Dillard, and McKenna will not rule out tax hikes. I think you know what that really means. If they get in office, head for the hills while firmly holding on to your wallet. When it comes to raising taxes, these guys mean business.”

“Jim Ryan and Kirk Dillard supported the huge Chicago Transit Authority bailout, which raised taxes by $550 million without a local referendum. Thanks partly to these guys, RTA sales taxes were raised 300% in the collar counties and 33% in Cook County. The bailout bill also allowed the Chicago City Council, that bastion of integrity, to raise Chicago’s real estate transfer tax 40%, making it the highest tax of its kind in any large city.”

“Illinois taxpayers are at great risk. Quinn’s huge 67% increase in the state income tax actually passed in the Illinois Senate last May. Fortunately, it was stopped in the Illinois House.”

“Adam Andrzejewski has stated specifically what projects and departments should be eliminated to restore the fiscal health of the state, including the Department of Commerce, which gives taxpayer-funded handouts to local politicians and politically-connected businesses.”

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