Civic Federation Bites Illinois Taxpayers Again

The Civic Federation, described as “One of the state’s most prominent tax watchdog groups,” has called for the Illinois General Assembly to raise the state personal income tax rate a back-breaking 67% and the corporate income tax rate a job-killing 22% (from 7.3 to 8.9%). Not willing to stop there, they also call for additional taxes on retirees, smokers, and businesses.

The Civic Federation was established by Chicago bankers in 1894 and supported tax increases to repay bank loans that were made to state and local governments. Described by the author of Taxpayers in Revolt as “A conservative champion of the status quo,” the Federation also supported raising property taxes during the Great Depression.

In more recent years, the Civic Federation supported creation of the Illinois income tax in 1969. It also supported state income tax increases in 1989, 1991, and 1993.

Jim Tobin, President of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, explained, “For two decades the Illinois General Assembly has increased state spending at double the rate of inflation. Illinois’ budget gap is caused by out-of-control spending, the worst of which is the lavish, gold-plated benefits received by retired government employees, including downstate and suburban public school teachers and administrators.”

“If the Civic Federation is a tax watchdog, it’s not watching out for the benefit of the working families and retirees of Illinois. Taxpayers should kick this dog to the curb while holding tight to their wallets.”

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