4,352 Illinois Government Retirees Receiving Pensions Over $100,000; A 20% Increase From FY2009

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  1. ‎”The top recipient is Tapas K. Das Gupta, whose annual pension for FY2010 was $402,418. That works out to $33,535 a month.” Nice.

  2. James Beran says:

    You say “educators.” The rank and file think “teachers.” Most of these are administrators that are not in a union and had a salary of $200,000+. Then they made sweet heart deals with districts to give them a bonus of $100,000+. No TRS pension will be more than 75% of the average of the best 4 years out of the last 10 years. 4% (new state tax) will mean a lot more to the teacher with a pension of $40,000 than an administrator getting $300,000.

  3. James Beran says:

    An additional 10% required contribution would mean teachers would pay a total of 21.5% (11.5% required now). Paying 1/2 the medical would mean $5,000 (10% of a $50,000 salary). New state tax 4%. Cook County sales tax 10%. Fed. tax 20% (my guess) for a total of 55%. Then pay off student loans and pay for advanced degrees. I can hear students dropping their teaching majors now. Social Security disability maximum for a family is almost $35,000. I’m going to step in a hole right now. Just what kind of a qualified warm body will be running the classroom in the near future?

  4. Levita Anderson says:

    In your article you stated that the highest pension receivers were educators. Were these people superintendents? Your article doesn’t state that. Classroom teacher pensions aren’t six figures. You also don’t mention previous IL governors who have pensions at $100,000 or more.
    When giving information regarding the amount pensions receive, please be more accurate. Also educators (classroom teachers, principals, and other educational professionals) do pay into the system at 9% of their salary.

  5. Jeff Thirtyacre says:

    One question what is the Dem to Rep. Ratio when collecting high salaries. That should be interesting. Because I know my district gave our old Superintendant 60 sick days in replace of a 2% pay increase. And our district is run by the Republicans. So its not just the Dems that are bad so are the others. I believe its Greed and they figure they will steal it before the others do.

  6. Joseph Louis says:

    The pension system is broken and it should stop. The Governor should stop any more pensions for employees who have less than the 20 years required to lock a pension in. They all should be given a 401K that the employee can contribute 20 percent of their salary each month to keep the 401K fully funded since the state is unable to fund it. This should become law asap.

  7. Dan DeBoer says:

    Most government workers are thieves. It is a class warfare. Take from the non-government and give to the government. In addition, the pensions are always loaded. They cash in their vacations on the last few years before they retired to boost up thier last few years of salaries. Then, the pension is based upon the last 3 years salaries. That is criminal and was not the original intent of the pension program.

    The best idea is to bankrupt the state and clear out the debt that these pensions cost the taxpayers.

  8. Carl LaFong says:


    You must be in the fold of vulture capitalism, or should I suggest organized crime. All of the fancy laws created to steal assets and then bankrupt those businesses is what you are suggesting. All a bunch of thieves.

    Shame on you.

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