Six Springfield Republicans Leaning Toward Voting Yes On State Income Tax Increase

CHICAGO—”If all Republican members of the Illinois General Assembly oppose the state income tax hike, the Democratic-sponsored income tax increase bills will not be approved,” said Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI).

“It’s absolutely crucial that all Republican legislators stand firm and vote No,” said Tobin. “If they do, the Democrats will not call for a vote on any state income tax increase bills, because if the Democratic Party alone raises the state income tax, they would be committing political suicide.”

According to Tobin, six Springfield Republicans reportedly are leaning toward voting Yes. They are:

St. Sen. Larry K. Bomke (R-50, Springfield)- Phone: (217) 782-0228

St. Sen. Dale E. Risinger (R-37, Peoria)- Phone: (217) 782-1942

St. Rep. Bob Biggins (R-41, Elmhurst)- Phone: (217) 782-6578

St. Rep. Dave Winters (R-68, Rockford)- Phone: (217) 782-0455

St. Rep. Ronald A. Wait (R-69, Belvidere)- Phone: (217) 782-0548

St. Rep. Roger L. Eddy (R-109, Hutsonville)- Phone: (217) 558-1040

“I strongly urge Illinois taxpayers who fall in these Senate and House districts to immediately call these legislators and ask them to vote against all bills that would raise taxes, especially any bill that would raise the state income tax. These votes could come any hour now, so an immediate response from taxpayers is necessary.”

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