Top 50 GA Pensions Reveal Million Dollar Payouts As Tax Increase Looms

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  1. Mr. Tobin,
    Please view my op-ed in the January 2, 2011 edition of the New York Daily News. I have proposed a bill in New York (A.6932), which would cap the DB plan for all elected officials and political appointees in the state and transition them to a DC platform, say a 401(k). When DB pensions were conferred upon elected officials years ago the “career politician” was born. The DB system rewards longevity at the expense of fiscal responsibility at every level of government. The state legislatures pass the pension sweeteners and will never do the right thing as long as they have a defined benefit pension to look forward to at the end of their careers in government. Please read my op-ed. Thank you. Mike Fitzpatrick (7th A.D., Suffolk County)

  2. Verdy says:

    They didn’t ask about education? I’m in faouvr of devolving control to parents (I home educated so I’m all for that!) and schools, not in faouvr of telling schools (or anyone else) what history to teach or how children should dress. Gove needs to make his mind up, local control or continue where Labour left off with a top down approach that just doesn’t work.Loved Cameron’s speech. If you can deliver on dismantling the Orwellian surveillance state and letting people take responsibility for themselves and their families then you’ll get my vote.

  1. January 5, 2011

    […] good luck plugging that debt hole. No, really, good luck. No, really, your pensions are on the line, too. It’s not just pensions weighing down the budget, of […]

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