Retired Illinois Judges Raking in Extravagant Pensions

CHICAGO- Retired Illinois judges are enjoying some of the most lavish pensions of all Illinois pensioners with the top 100 judicial pensions each in excess of $147,000. While Illinois leadership dabbles with pension reform, millionaire pensions are breaking the backs of taxpayers. Tobias Barry, a retired Appellate Court Judge tops the list with an annual pension of $176,043, which he supplements with another $15,000 from his General Assembly pension, while retired Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Moses Harrison, II pulls in $171,561. The average of the top 100 judicial annual pensions is a huge $153,000.

Retired judge William Lewis’ $148,708 annual pension merely adds to the whopping $1,852,661 he’s already made off the pension system.  The same goes for John Nickels, who’s total pension payout stands at an extravagant $1,538,734—a pension of $162,428 a year!

According to Jim Tobin, President of Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF), “Not only are Illinois state judges the second highest paid in the country, their pensions are some of the highest in the state. These lavish pensions continue to wreak havoc on the taxpayers and are symptomatic of the problem of sending us into bankruptcy.”

“We hear the anger and frustration from our retired members who have to pay increased taxes with their meager social security checks to fund these outrageous pensions. These ‘public servants’ make far more than workers in the private sector and get millionaire pensions as well.”

“Almost all of the recent 67% income tax increase is being used to fund lavish pensions in the state pension fund,” said Tobin. “The democrats in the state legislature and governor’s office are responsible, as the income tax increase was approved only by Springfield democrats.”

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