Taxpayers Oppose Huge $900 Riverside-Brookfield HSD 208 Property Tax Increase Referendum

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  1. John says:

    Great write up thank you for exposing the overly paid salaries that the taxpayer will NOT be able to sustain in the future.I for one hope that the general public wakes up to the fact that this school’s costs are unsustainable and votes NO so that I am not forced to relocate to another state.

  2. Anna Vojik says:

    I’ve been living in Riverside since 1986 and voted Yes in every referendum that we had in the past. This time is different. I cannot believe that in tough economic times people have audacity to ask for more money. Do not believe that more money will make our education better or cause decrease in our property value. Our property value is down as it is and will go down even further once prospective buyer see how much we pay for property taxes. As it goes for the teachers, higher salary doesn’t make them better teachers. I know of some that are in the $100,000.00 salary bracket and they are mediocre educators. I hope residents or R-B district wake up and smell the coffee.
    Vote NO on Tuesday, April 5.

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