Illinois “Education Reforms” a Sham

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“The so-called ‘education reforms’ passed by the Democrat-controlled Illinois General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) are a sham and a smokescreen,” said the President of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF).

“This legislation is a smokescreen for the recently-passed, gargantuan increase in the state personal and corporate income taxes,” said Jim Tobin, ITEF President. “While politicians talk of reform, the money from the state income tax increases pours into the state pension funds for government employees, who enjoy lavish, gold-plated benefits.”

According to Tobin, the Wall Street Journal said it perfectly in a June 9 commentary: “Politicians love high tax rates because they can act as brokers to offer tax breaks to the lucky few.”

“The school day and the school year will be lengthened, so the teacher unions will demand and get more taxpayer dollars to compensate them for their additional time spent in the classroom.”

“The only real reform to teacher tenure is to eliminate it,” said Tobin. “But instead of eliminating tenure, these ‘reforms’ will give favored teachers tenure after 3 years instead of 4! Perhaps an argument can be made for tenure in universities, but why in the world do teachers in elementary school and high school need tenure?”

“This sham legislation is touted as a template for reform in other states. Once again the clever politicians, funded by the teacher unions, have hoodwinked Illinois taxpayers and much of the news media.”

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