Brown County and Green Bay Government Employees Rake in Generous Salaries and Lavish, Gold-Plated Pensions

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  1. Jim says:

    Maybe these people should not have been given such large salaries or benefits. Yet, they were. These sums were allocated to them, paid to them and promised to them. That money belongs to them now, so long as they did their jobs faithfully as required. Any suggestion that these pensions and benefits should be taken away from them now amounts to theft, a crime. Many teachers and other public employees have already had their futures crushed by unwise, heartless administrators like Scott Walker. Everyone deserves whatever their government has promised them in the past. Anything else is exactly like what was done to the American Indian, broken treaties, broken promises. Public employees are the new scapegoats. Like the Indians, and like the Jewish population of Weimar Germany, these hard working people have been labeled the group to blame (for everything). Their right to their pensions must be upheld, or all promises made by Government in the United States is reduced to a sad joke.

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