Lavish, Gold-Plated Pensions Making Millionaires Of Racine, WI-Area Government Employees

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  1. U.Space says:

    This is disgusting, I think their pensions should be about 1/3 of what they are.

    absurd thought / your Supreme God favors / government employees / they are THE Chosen People / they deserve the most of all *


  2. NeverMind says:

    Everything, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING can be outsourced to private company competition…including the mayoral seat, cops, judges, courts, EVERYTHING.

    These pensions and salaries need to be ENDED NOW…and all pension obligations simply wiped off the books…with a letter to every pubic serpent pensioner that they’re 100% on their own now…just like us private citizen taxpayers.

    Not only wipe out future pensioners but there is no reason to continue paying any present pensions and present benefits at all.

    Where the hell did these bleeding-heart entitled pricks ever think they deserve anything but 8 hours pay for 8 hours work. When the work is gone, so is the pay.

    Make your own fortunes, you parasites!

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