TUA Releases Tax Survey of 96th Illinois General Assembly

Click here to view TUA’s tax survey of Illinois’ 96th General Assembly.

CHICAGO — Taxpayers United of America (TUA), one of America’s largest taxpayer organizations, has released its 14th biennial Tax Survey of the Illinois General Assembly. The Tax Survey exposes the tax and spending records of every member of the 96th General Assembly from January 2009 to January 2011

“Together, we have defeated every proposed state income tax increase for the past 17 years, until now,” said Jim Tobin, President of TUA. “In their desperation to keep the lavish, government pension system afloat, Springfield Democrats have been very busy raising taxes. While the rest of the country benefits from the federal tax cuts, Illinois lawmakers seized the opportunity to steal $6.4 billion to fund their own lavish, gold-plated pensions.”

In a structured vote replete with back-room deals, each Democratic lawmaker was told how to vote to ensure passage of the 67% temporary income tax surcharge (HB2505) with the exact number of votes necessary. This mockery of a representative system of government, lead by Governor Patrick Quinn, Speaker Michael Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton, undermined the will of the people to serve the interests of the few who will benefit from the perpetuation of a government pension system built on the backs of the hardworking taxpayers. All of the 67% surcharge will go to fund their extravagant pensions.

If enough Springfield Democrats are defeated in 2012, Madigan and Cullerton will lose control of the General Assembly and the four year income tax surcharge will expire.

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