Herald-Leader (Associated Press) | Taxpayer group wants openness in pension system

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  1. adidnere says:

    Any legislation on giblmang should be put forth in a state wide referendum. The Kentucky House and Senate have already shown time and time again that they will not always do the will of the people and be fair about it when it comes to this issue. As far as the horse industry goes, state lawmakers on both sides should look at the unintended consequences of choosing or not choosing the winners in the giblmang debate. If a bill is passed aimed at protecting the interest of the racing venues like Churchill Downs Inc., the horse men in KY will take it on the chin. Churchill is in the business of making money and slots do not need stables. And finally, the fact that everyone looks at this as a win-win for the state in revenue might be right, that depends on how you spend the money if it comes in. But you can bet the Governor will be a “kid in a candy store”. The more money you give a liberal, the more he wants. With so much red ink in Frankfort, and a fiscal liberal running the state who can’t add, well, here’s a sure bet, there is going to be a whole lot more ‘new’ spending taking place in Frankfort if any giblmang bill passes.

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