Ingham and Eaton and Lansing, Oh My! Top Government Pensions Exposed!

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  1. Deborah Corbin says:

    “Retired government teacher, Albert Lorenzo receives an annual pension of $174,617. Lorenzo’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $6,003,321.”

    I don’t understand this statement and the information you provided on air on the 5 o’clock news on Tuesday.

    I am a teacher of 20 years. I make about $68,000 per year and expect to get a pension of about $20,000 a year when I retire which will total $400.000,not $6,000,000. I don’t understand and question your numbers. Please explain how you came up with those numbers.

  2. susan johnson says:

    I will give the amounts of my pension/retirement to compare.
    My longest employer of 20 years I recieve $328.00 month
    My second employer of 5 years is 153.47 month.
    I have a college education worked in the capacity of a nurse,
    risk management and utilization management.The later two
    positions saved and recovered my employers millions of dollars.
    I have no health insurance.Both pensions were reduced by 20%
    for an early 58 retirement, after loss of my job.

  3. Rex Waltersdorf says:

    I find it ironic, that some of the biggest opponents to the public employee Defined Benefit Pensions, are infact themselves recieving or will recieve the benefit.
    They are our lawmakers who have exempted themselves from the “new retirement plans” and allowed themselves to be grandfathered in to keep those benefits.
    On a local level, just one instance is looking at the local sheriff. In most cases they were previously employed by the agency until retirement age. Once they reached retirement age, they ran for the office, enabling themselves to recieve the pension PLUS the wage of the elected office along with its benefits (health insurance). Eaton County and Ionia County Sheriffs are perfect examples of this. Both are recieving pensions plus salary of the position.
    On the State level, look at the former sheriff from Eaton County, who got himself elected as a Representative (term limited out) and then as Senator (shortly term limted). He is collecting the wage from his elected position, and his pension.
    This is happening in the Office of the Governor also. There are individuals who have retired from the State of Michigan as an employee, recieving a DEFINED PENSION, and getting a salary from the State of Michigan. This is in violation of State of Michigan policy.
    The same goes for judges(former prosecuters)teachers moving on to colleges (getting two pensions).
    It is very frustrating to watch these elected officials complaining loudly about the Defined Benefit programs for public employees(cops, firemen, teachers, etc), yet if anyone looks, typically they and their staffs have seperate pensions and health programs from the public sector, with guarenteed life long benefits.
    Frustration rains on the people, when you try and secure employment in a stable field with certain benefits when you begin and work the following years, work the years required to obtain retirement, and have it yanked out from under you without the benefit of planning for and investing in a secondary means of funding for a retirement . Look at the ELECTED OFFICIALS GRAVY TRAIN to the $$ please. Check on the double dipping going on.

  4. Vickie Hilbert says:

    Why do you have to sensationalize this by not pointing that these pensions are NOT going to the 99.9% of state employees?? Would that not be a more accurate report?

  5. mike grant says:

    You need to go back and redo your math. most of the individuals you are naming have contributed for 25 years to their retirement at 21% of thier wages ,and do not get a cost of living increase they are not getting a free ride. Mr. Waltersdorf has maid a very good point look to the legislatures who stand to get life time benifits for 8 years of employment payed for wtih 100% taxpayers money.

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