Note To Michigan: Top Wayne County Pensions Exposed!

DETROIT–A report released today by Taxpayers United of America (TUA) reveals that retired Wayne County and Michigan State government employees are not only receiving lavish, gold-plated pensions, but that their pension payments, in many cases, are larger than some salaries in the private sector. Furthermore, over a normal lifetime, many of these government employees, when they retire, become pension millionaires.

“While Wayne County stagnates with 13.7% unemployment, a median home value of $125,000 and an average annual wage of $55,000, retired Wayne County government employees are enjoying lavish, gold-plated pensions that have made some of them pension millionaires,” said Christina Tobin, TUA Vice President.

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“The city of Detroit has been dragging its feet for nearly three months, in providing the requested pension data to us. Stall tactics by government bureaucrats are an attempt to keep taxpayers from knowing exactly what is happening with their hard earned money.”

“Wayne County retired government employees are doing much better than the average worker in the private sector. Michele Harris receives an annual pension of $159,477. Harris’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $5,741,181.”

“Ronald Yee, receives an annual pension of $152,856. Yee’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $5,420,265.”

“Retired state police employee, Tadarial Sturdivant receives an annual pension of $ 88,403.64. Sturdivant’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $ 2,943,841.21.”

“Retired government teacher, Albert Lorenzo receives an annual pension of $174,617. Lorenzo’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $6,003,321.”

“Retired state judge, Alton Davis receives an annual pension of $98,766. Lorenzo’s estimated lifetime pension payout is $3,555,576.”

“Wayne County and Michigan State pension systems are making millionaires out of public employees at taxpayer expense. Ending pensions for all new government hires would eventually eliminate unfunded government pensions; putting new government hires into social security and 401(k)s would achieve this. If each current government employee were required to contribute 10% toward his or her pension, taxpayers would save billions of dollars.”

“We need to knock all politicians out of office who make deals with bad government union bosses and bad corporate power brokers at the expense of the taxpayers.”

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  1. Dave says:

    Thank You for the work you do. Keep up the good fight!

  1. December 12, 2011

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