Davenport Iowa: Government Pensions Top Secret

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  1. Pam D says:

    These pensions are just the tip of the iceberg. Add in State, teachers, etc., etc.

    Why not publish how much the PEOPLE on the list contribute to their pensions.

    This must stop. It’s a pyramid scheme and down the road no taxpayers can afford to pay these ridiculous pension. I say the city should declare bankruptcy and defund the pension…doubt that would work, but geeze.

    People laughed at Glenn Beck when he was on Fox..he warned about pensions and now it is breaking and will continue to break the back of taxpayers. Something MUST be done. We do not have pensions like this yet we pay for THEIRS and our own if we are lucky enough to be able to have a pension of any kind.

    • My Name says:

      Nothing will make you change your mind, why should one bother, but hey, perhaps if you are upset that “We do not have pensions like this” then just perhaps you might want to become a firefighter, a policewoman, a teacher, or any other person on the list that appears to get SO MUCH for a life of SERVICE.

      this website appears nothing more than a Koch Brother’s front for undermining the social services necessary for a thriving democracy… it is ANTI-American!

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