Des Moines Iowa: Government Pensions Top Secret

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  1. James Johnson says:

    You people need to look at the history of the system. Those large payouts your talking about were put in place to help keep school superintendents in Iowa and coming into the field. The problem was at one point in time about 20+ years ago there was a cap on IPRS contributions. This cap was below the pay of principal and School superintendents. The legislature took the cap off contributions but allowed you to get a retirement salary based on you high 3 years of salary but some got that and only paid in at the high rate for 3 years. So DON’T blame the Unions for that. The teachers Union Has alway wanted the IPERS system to be sound

    • Hozumi says:

      The GOP congress under Bush is the cuprilt that passed the laws giving tax breaks to the companies that LEFT Iowa. it was the GOP that tied the hands of the unions who were resisting this crushing blow to thier livelyhood by insisting this be a right to work state . And when the jobs were gone it was Grassley who said he was tickeled when some 200 jobs came to Newton. 200 MINIMUM WAGE JOBS. And when the workers didnt take them? Brandstat said they should be ASHAMED.???? What an asshole

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