89.7 NPR News (Associated Press) | Conservative Report Targets Central Ohio Pensions

Findings from TUA’s pension project on Columbus, Ohio, are featured in this Associated Press article at 89.7 NPR News. (The original version of this article referred to TUA as a “conservative” group.  The error has been omitted below.)

A national group that works to cut pension benefits for government employees is highlighting some payouts to central Ohio workers as a sign of government waste.

Members of Taxpayers United of America began a tour of Ohio on Monday. A new report points to pensions that give a Columbus police deputy $213,000 in annual payouts, $215,000 a year for a state government employee, and $178,000 in annual payouts for a Franklin County government worker.

The group advocates ending pensions for new government hires and requiring workers to pay more toward their pensions.

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