Ouch! Ohio Government Pensions Are A Painful Reality!

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  1. Vince Borell says:

    Your group is grossly distorting the facts based on fictitious estimates and predictions. Your creditability with Ohio voters and Ohio legislators is marginal at best. It continues to decline when these lousy estimates and predictions are made. One thing your group has forgotten, Ohio legislators would have to vote themselves out of a pension as well. The pensions are well deserved and perfectly legal. Most private companies such as Procter and Gamble and many others offer early retirement and very lucrative deals with company stock. Doing away with the pensions in Ohio will cost taxpayers even more to hire and rehire workers that leave gov’t positions. That’s my concern.

    • Jim Tobin says:

      Using terms as “grossly distorting,” “fictitious estimates,” and “lousy estimates” adds nothing to the conversation, and suggests that you have a weak argument.

      If you have specific criticisms or questions regarding our methodology or conclusions, please state them and I will forward them to our analyst for a response.

      Whether or not Ohio legislators need to vote themselves out of a pension is something that concerns me not at all, and I suspect Ohio taxpayers feel the same way.

      It is irrelevant that Ohio’s government pensions are legal and possibly even “deserved.” They are unsustainable, and, unlike pensions in the private-sector, when government pension plans run out of money, the first thing politicians do is go to taxpayers and raise their taxes to bail out these plans.

      Finally, it is somewhat presumptuous of you to declare that our credibility with Ohio voters is marginal at best. You have no way of knowing that. As for our credibility with Ohio legislators, that is the least of our concern. The only way these politicians will vote for pension reform is if they are dragged kicking and screaming in that direction by angry taxpayers.

      If government employees leave their jobs, they will have to fend for themselves just as those in the private sector must do. If they have anything to offer, they will be hired, and if they don’t, they won’t be hired. I suspect that very few will leave their cushy government jobs with salaries and pensions that are more generous than those in the private sector.

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