Peek-A-Boo, Kansas Gov't Pensions-We See You!

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KANSAS – Taxpayers United of America has released the top pension estimates for Kansas government teachers and employees. “We are shedding light at last, on the problems with Kansas’ government pension system,” said Christina Tobin, Vice President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), and founder and President of Free and Equal Elections. “Minimal reform has occurred in Kansas as legislators consider measures that do little to actually solve the problem. Much more pressure is needed from taxpayers,” she said.

“Kansas’ government pension system desperately needs reform.  Releasing the specific names and pension amounts would show who’s really benefitting,” said Tobin. “But Kansas refuses to release actual individual pension payments and that really raises questions when estimates range to nearly $8 million. So, why won’t the Governor let Kansans see the facts?”

“There is no fair representation of taxpayers. This is a nationwide problem that burdens the Left and Right alike, and has fueled the financial crisis facing taxpayers and retirees. The urgency of this crisis is illustrated by the extensive press coverage that our government pension reports have received throughout Kansas.”

Tobin, who toured through Kansas towns revealing top government pension estimates to the public, received coverage from  KSN News Wichita, KWCH 12 Eyewitness News, Salina Journal News,, Wichita Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal, and Fox 4 Kansas City.

TUA will be exploring all options to get the information still being withheld by the government bureaucrats of Kansas, released. “I have written letters to Governor Brownback and the members of the Kansas Legislature, asking for transparency.  As long as taxpayers feel the pain of the hefty bill for these pensions, those payments should be available for public review.”  Tobin plans to work with legislators but does not exclude the possibility of filing a lawsuit to obtain the information.

TUA will be revealing more States’ pensions across the nation, including those of Pennsylvania, New York, and Arizona in the coming weeks.

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  1. Raul says:

    The Government know that this Bill is unfair so why don’t they do the right thing and amend it. I think it is now a face sanvig exercise for them. We have paid our contributions from our teens, and accepted a 4 year rise already, To force an extra 2 years on us is cruel. We are not the cause of the Pensions crisis and we don’t deserve to be punished in this way.

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