Youngstown Ohio: Top Secret Government Pensions Revealed

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    It’s late on a weekday evening. Just saw the early news on your station and decided to go to your site to take a look at these government employee pension figures.
    Please know that I was sickened by the estimates provided. Historically, the reason for relatively good pensions awarded to government employees was that they were not well compensated during their years of alleged dedication to the public good. These figures reveal, however, the ugly truth that not only were these individuals excessively well compensated during their years of work, with many more holidays, sick days and leisurely “perks” than the average private sector individual performing similar job functions, but they will also be able, after having to work no more than 30 years, to walk off into the retirement sunset with ongoing income that totally defies the ordinary citizen’s imagination.
    My wife and I have worked, and will continue to work, well into our early seventies, both as professionals, and are scared to death about ever being able to retire. There is something fundamentally wrong with a government that we taxpayers pay for that can retire its elite with four to ten times what we can even imagine to have and be reassured that this income will never really end.
    The time has come, as you have indicated, for these figures to be revealed to the everyday citizen. We have a right to know what we are paying out as taxpayers for so many who will continue to live their lives so very well at public expense. Please keep up your good work to unearth these ugly truths. Thank you for listening.
    I am totally sickened by these figures, if I am allowed to repeat myself.

  2. Jake says:

    I think you need to review the actuarial tables at OPERS — I think you will find these individuals contributed to these so-called unreasonable pensions — you will find that the return is not unlike any 401K that you can contribute to yourself if you planned ahead and saved. 70% of your annual income after 30 years is not an unreasonable return on the contributions made. Yes, heaven forbid that it was mandatory and they were forced to contribute but it simple means they are reaping the benefits of investments and savings — the pension funds, at this point, are viable and self-sustaining. The salary and benefits for these positions, which require advanced degrees, were less compared to their private sector equivalent counterparts (by over 50%). The pension funds are not costing additional tax dollars but invested in businesses resulting in additional jobs like any other investment portfolio. Get off your high-horse and quit whining! And, moreover,tell the truth!

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