State Troopers & Corrections Officers Quick to Capture Lavish Pensions

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  1. Bill Dietz says:

    Please keep us updated on pensions in IL. Bill Dietz

  2. Frank Smith says:

    You know why we can retire at age 50, because after years of dealing with violent and assaultive persons, our bodies are screwed up. I have been kicked in the knees, punched in my back, involved in very physical and violent fights and other misc. injuries. All you guys want to do is complain about our pensions. But remember this, when most of us in the law enforcement and fire services retire at 50, we usually have a hard time working or finding work due to our injuries. Do you want us to be cops or firemen at age 67 or 70? Your house would burn down and there would be a lot more crime because I would have to get my rascal scooter out of my trunk before I could help anyone.

  3. Scott says:

    Kick the Democrats Out??? What are you nuts? You think THIS is a party issue? It’s not… It’s a power issue, and replacing a DEMO with a REPU gets you the same result…….
    It’s got nothing to do with personalities, it’s the State Constitution that allows it….. and ultimately the LAZY Illinois voter who doesn’t really care about it other than to WHINE……. WAAAHHH

  4. Mark says:

    Soldiers whom have been in battle overseas don’t get this lavish a pension Frank. Soldiers whom have served on the front lines in World War II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam war, Iraq, and Afghanistan certainly have riskier job than a Chicago Police or Fire fighter. Police and Fire prior to the benefit increases over the last 40 years didn’t get these lavish pensions. Police and Fire in many other states don’t receive these lavish of pensions. We appreciate your work Frank we don’t appreciate getting blackmailed and manipulated. Those pension hikes were enacted into State law by politicians in exchange for union campaign contributions and votes. Police and Fire pensions in Illinois are governed by State Law and administered locally. Why does almost every single sizeable municipality in Illinois have TIF districts? Because taxes are too high. What is a major reason taxes are too high? Pay and benefits of government employees including pensions plus excessive borrowing for public works projects. The system is BROKE. The politicians ran it into the ground.

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