Florida Pension Estimates Produce Great Press Coverage for TUA

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  1. Marilyn Krzus says:

    How do we stop it? I’m from Illinous and have the same problem. I’m scrambling to find a job at age 61, because no one is taking care of my husband and myself, but we have to work doubly hard to support people who have no idea what’s it’s like to work 12 months every year, get amazing retirements and comfortable salaries all their lives, while the rest of us take care of their ove-generous golden parachutes, teachers included (who in heck else can retire at 57 and nevr again have to worry about income???). Please tell us what we as taxpayers can do tostop these people from stealing our retirements so we can provide for theirs?? Hiw do we change it when the lawmakers also benefit from the statutes? How do we change our Constitution, which magically identifies only those people (government workers) that must be carried the rest of their lives by the rest of us? If a state Constitution only insures the futures of a certain class of people (government employees), can’t it be considered to have been subverted for the benefit of those who wrote it, surely making it an illegal document? We need legal help! These Constitutional provisions have got to be amended. Thank you.

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