Atty. General Lisa Madigan Continues Fight to Protect Highway Robbery

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CHICAGO–Taxpayers United of America (TUA) filed an appeal to Judge Rita M. Novak’s dismissal with prejudice in its suit to repeal the 2012 toll tax increase of 87%.

“Attorney General Lisa Madigan is doing her best to sustain the toll tax increase that is tantamount to highway robbery,” stated Jim Tobin, president of TUA.

“The Illinois toll tax is nothing more than a cash machine that steals money from motorists to fund outrageous salaries for its overstaffed administrative authority. They reach right into your wallet and remove cash every few miles you drive.”

“The law is clear, stated Tobin. “Tollways were supposed to be freeways as soon as the original bonds were paid, and yet Lisa Madigan won’t do her job by upholding the very statutes by which she and the rest of the state are bound.”

“With an attorney general that works for her cronies rather than the people who elected her, there is no oversight, and the Chicago Machine continues to do what it wants, regardless of the laws.”

“TUA will see this suit through the Supreme Court if necessary. Illinoisans are fed up with the attitude of Madigan and her cronies, that we are an endless source of fodder to feed their insatiable hunger for other peoples’ money,” said Tobin.

TUA’s notice of appeal was filed in the Appellate Court on Thursday, August 2, 2012. TUA will make a request for oral arguments.

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