Shhh! Maywood to Vote on Home Rule Nov. 6!

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CHICAGO- “Maywood Village bureaucrats are hoping voters aren’t prepared for the Home Rule referendum that will appear on the November 6 ballot,” stated Rae Ann McNeilly, director of outreach for Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

“Maywood residents became victims of unlimited Home Rule taxing powers as a consequence of the population reaching 25,000. The 2010 census, however, affords residents the opportunity to reclaim their right to vote on municipal tax increases as a result of enough people leaving an over-taxed community.”

“Rather than shrink the budget to match the shrinking population, Maywood is asking voters to renew the blank check power they have with Home Rule.”

“I wonder how many Maywood residents are even aware of the referendum. According to the village’s own website, there has been no press release and only a tiny blurb in the village’s summer newsletter. The language of the actual referendum is awkward and designed to be misleading”

“Should the Village of Maywood elect to not be a home rule unit?”

“Language like that is intended to confuse voters and win by trickery. How else will these government bureaucrats protect and preserve their generous paychecks and platinum pensions?”

“The Village of Maywood has about 30 employees making more than $50,000 a year, and six of them are making over $75,000 per year – for a town of less than 25,000 residents!”

“Voters in Maywood need to vote YES to end Home Rule and force the village government to live within its means, just like they, the taxpayers, must do.”

“TUA is helping activists in Maywood and 8 other communities to fight Home Rule taxing power in November. We helped beat down 6 out of 6 in referenda in March of this year and we are looking to establish a new record this November.”

“Taxpayers can download a copy of our flyer and get the word out to friends and neighbors, that they have a chance to reclaim their right to vote on tax increases by voting YES to end home rule in Maywood.”

2 Responses

  1. Sandra Gibson says:

    I am aware of the referendum. Pleae send me more information and call me about voting yes to end home rule.

    Sandra Gibson

  2. Evans Family says:

    Sadly, the residents of Maywood did not REVOKE the home rule provision. I voted YES, because I understood the implications. But as stated here on your website, the verbiage used on the ballot was confusing and difficult to understand. So my question is HOW DO WE GET IT ON THE SPRING 2013 Ballot or whenever the next local election cycle runs.

    For 80% of the tax revenue to be going towards salaries and pensions is ridiculous….HELP my community.

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