Stop Oak Park and River Forest District 200 from Raising Our Property Taxes on December 20!

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  1. mary Rodrigo says:

    I have lived in Oak Park for 24 years. I have seen my salary increase 250%, my home appreciate 110%, and my taxes increase 650% in this time. I’m now retired and living on a lot less. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to afford Oak Park.
    Our taxes are suppose to support our community. They are suppose to provide safety, education, infrastructure and repairs. They are suppose to make our lives better.
    D200’s proposed levy increase of 2/5% does none of the above.
    It is not needed, not helpful, and hurtful to OPRF taxpayers.
    I plan to attend the BOE meeting on Dec. 20th to stand against this unfair levy and stand up for my rights as a taxpayer in Oak Park and River Forest.

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