Vote No on Golf School Dist. 67 Property Tax Increase Referendum – Again!

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CHICAGO—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) is working with taxpayers in Golf School Dist. 67 to oppose the district’s property-tax-increase referendum that will appear on the district’s February 26, 2013 ballot.

“This is the only property-tax-increase referendum on the February ballot in the entire State of Illinois,” said Jim Tobin, TUA president. “Homeowners in Dist. 67 twice before defeated such a referendum at the ballot box, but these greedy Dist. 67 government teachers and bureaucrats are back for a third try.”

“The average value of a home in Morton Grove is $347,800, so this referendum, if passed, would increase such a home’s annual real estate tax bill by about $327 – every year.”

“It’s amazing that even with the decline in property values, resulting in homeowners losing a significant portion of their assets, the Dist. 67 bureaucrats still want a sizeable increase in property taxes to pad their pocketbooks.”

“Eighty percent of government school revenues go to salaries and benefits of these government employees for their nine-months-a-year employment. An increase in property taxes would not help students, but it would make well-to-do teachers and administrators even more affluent.”

“Jamie Reilly, Dist. 67 administrator, pulls in an annual salary of $183,839. Maria Herzog, librarian, gets an annual salary of $137,861. Can anyone say, with a straight face, that they are underpaid?”

“Former Dist. 67 employee, Linda R. Marks, retired at age 59 and receives an annual pension of $156,115. Over a normal lifetime, her estimated total pension payments would reach an astounding $5,240,914, with her own employee contribution being only 3.9%.”

“Former Dist. 67 employee Harry C. Trumfio retired at age 52. His annual pension is $113,299, and his estimated total pension payout over a normal lifetime is $3,597,627. His employee contribution is 2.1%.”

“Dist. 67 doesn’t need any more money from homeowners to fund the hefty salaries of current teachers and administrators, most of whom, when they retire, will become pension millionaires.”

“Dist. 67 government bureaucrats think they can ram this property-tax-increase through by putting it on the ballot in the primary, when voter turnout is low, then flood the polls with government employees.”

“We urge Dist. 67 homeowners to turn out in force for the Feb. 26 election and vote No on the property-tax-increase referendum.”

Click here to download our ‘Vote No’! flyer and share with friends and neighbors in the district.

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  1. Kate says:

    I was excited to vote NO! 🙂
    I went to Golf, they school is full of themselves and the greedy teachers! GREEDY! 🙂

    Class of 1999

  2. glen beckman says:

    were is are dimorkercy

  3. Curious says:

    So – Did it pass or not?


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