Rep. Sandack's "Rain Tax" Opens Floodgates to Corruption and Bureaucrat Control

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  1. Honest Abe says:

    Keith Matune is has been arrested 3 times and convicted twice. Don’t believe me, read about it here…

  2. Matune is a puppet says:

    There is no Rain Tax in DuPage County. If Brian Krajewski wants to have one, then he can sponsor a bill. What HB1522 does is allow DuPage county to remove excessive layers of government. Illinois has the most taxing districts in the country (if not the world). Matune has many puppet masters pulling his strings. One of those is the Downers Grove Township Republicans that have packed the Downers Grove Township Government unit with many of its members. Townships are not necessary in a highly urban area. They really serve no purpose. Sandack has been vocal in his desire to remove this unnecessary layer of government that is a line item on property tax bills. If you want to get rid of corruption and bureaucrats, then eliminate Townships in DuPage County. Taxpayers United should be supportive of Sandack.

  3. Dennis Constant says:

    To set the record straight, Rep. Sandack was a House co-sponsor of HB1522, along with 4 other House sponsors, including the notorious Barbara Flynn Currie.

    The final bill, Public Act 098-0335, puts into effect taxes conveniently described as “fees.” Taxes are taxes, no matter what they are called.

    Excerpts from the final language:
    h) For the purpose of implementing this Section and for
    the development, design, planning, construction, operation,
    and maintenance of stormwater facilities provided for in the
    adopted stormwater management plan, a county board that has
    established a stormwater management planning committee
    pursuant to this Section or has participated in a stormwater
    management planning process may adopt a schedule of fees
    applicable to all real property within the county which
    benefits from the county’s stormwater management facilities
    and activities….

    A fee schedule authorized by this subsection must have the
    same limit as the authorized stormwater tax. In Peoria County
    only, the fee schedule shall not be adopted unless (i) a
    referendum has been passed approving a stormwater tax as
    provided in subsection (i) of this Section; or (ii) the
    question of the adoption of a fee schedule with the same limit as the authorized stormwater tax has been approved in a referendum by a majority of those voting on the question.

    (i) In the alternative to a fee imposed under subsection
    (h), the county board may cause an annual tax of not to exceed
    0.20% of the value, as equalized or assessed by the Department
    of Revenue, of all taxable property in the county to be levied
    upon all the taxable property in the county.

    Folks, you now have a “Rain Tax.”

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