Tax Accountability Endorses Bruce Rauner in Illinois’ Gubernatorial Primary

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Chicago – Tax Accountability (TA) has announced its candidate endorsements for the March 18, 2014 primary election.

“I am proud to announce endorsements of such qualified candidates in these critical races,” said Jim Tobin, Chairman of TA.

“Illinois is at a pivotal point and without strong leadership, the very economic future of the state and every taxpayer is at risk.”

General Primary March 18, 2014

Governor, State of IL: Bruce Rauner
US Senate Representing IL: Jim Oberweis
U.S. House Representing the 3rd Congr. District of IL: Diane M. Harris
U.S. House Representing the 9th Congr. District of IL: David Earl Williams, III
U.S. House Representing the 11th Congr. District of IL: Ian Bayne

Bruce Rauner is a successful businessman and strong leader with the fiscal experience to save Illinois from its history of failed and criminal leadership. Bruce has pledged to repeal the 67% state income tax increase surcharge and to perform a complete overhaul of the State’s tax policies to simplify and eliminate the corporate welfare that burdens individuals and small businesses.

Jim Oberweis has been a strong leader in the Illinois State Senate and a successful businessman who understands that tax-and-spend policies destroy our economy and prosperity. Jim has pledged not to raise taxes or impose any new taxes, directly or indirectly.

Diane M. Harris has a solid record of achievement both personally and professionally. Diane has a lifetime of community service and commitment to restoring integrity to Illinois politics. Diane has pledged not to raise taxes or impose any new taxes because of her commitment to responsible spending and respect for taxpayers’ personal wealth.

David Earl Williams, III has established himself as a strong leader and achiever. David is a veteran of the US Navy where he managed a multi-billion dollar budget. David is committed to restoring personal and economic freedom to Illinois and the country and has pledged not to increase or add new taxes.

Ian Bayne is a self-made, successful businessman who has fought hard to achieve the American dream. His fight has highlighted the need for government reforms that restore the power to the people. Ian has also pledged to protect taxpayers from any new or increased taxes.

“Every one of these candidates exemplifies the principles of Tax Accountability by standing on a platform of personal and economic freedom and have pledged to implement policies that increase freedom and reduce taxes.”

“2014 will be a pivotal year for Illinois. Taxpayers are fed up with the corruption, cronyism, and abuse they have suffered at the hands of a long list of career politicians who see Illinois taxpayers as the source of their own personal wealth. The time is right. These candidates have what it takes to win and to lead Illinois back to a vibrant, prosperous, and free economy.”


TA is the political action arm of TUA – TUA is one of the largest taxpayer organizations in America.

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