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The real purpose of Gov. Jay Robert “J. B.” Pritzker’s proposed “income theft amendment” on the November ballot is to shovel more taxpayer dollars into the lavish, gold-plated government pension funds that have made some retired government employees multi-millionaires, according to Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF).

“The Illinois government pension system is a scandal,” said Tobin. “Pritzker’s proposal to change the state income tax into a graduated tax not only would decimate what’s left of the state’s middle class, but it’s real purpose is to pump more taxpayer dollars into the failing state pension plans. Government employees in the state have been retiring at a young age and have racked up huge pension payouts. That’s why Pritzker wants to raise state taxes.”
 According to TEF’s analysis, the Pritzker amendment to the State Constitution would:

  • Allow Illinois Politicians to raise the state income tax whenever they wanted.
  • Allow sky-high income taxes on the state’s middle class.
  • Enable Springfield to spend wildly at taxpayer expense.

“Several years ago, Springfield Democrats passed a $5 billion income tax increase. They pumped every penny into the pensions of retired government employees!”
“Our foundation’s research has unearthed shocking examples of retired government employees who retired early and have become pension multi-millionaires at taxpayer expense.”

  • Leslie Heffez retired from the University of Illinois/Chicago at age 55 and gets an annual pension of $635,123! His estimated lifetime pension is $20,581,290!
  • Clarence Bowman retired from Illinois State University at age 60 and gets an annual pension of $422,039. His estimated lifetime pension is $11,111,300.
  • Gary Catalani retired from Community Unit School Dist. 200 at age 56 and gets an annual pension of $339,916. His estimated lifetime pension is $10,359,620.
  • Laura Murray retired from Homewood-Flossmoor CHSD 233 at age 57 and gets an annual pension of $334,418. Her estimated lifetime pension is $10,008,027.

“It’s outrageous that taxpayers are being asked to fund the pensions of these multi-millionaire government retirees. Taxpayers better wake up before it’s too late. This November 3, they need to get out and vote!”

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